Delta Upsilon Chapter at Tennessee Tech University

Kappa Delta

Our Chapter

Who are we?

The Delta Upsilon chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority was installed at Tennessee Tech University on October 23rd, 1969. Today, Kappa Deltas are known on campus and within the community as highly involved, driven, and passionate young women. Our unparalled sisterhood creates an environment for us to learn and thrive on and off campus, and provides us with the experience necessary to accomplish our goals after graduation.

What do we do?

Kappa Deltas strive for excellence in the areas of leadership, academics, membership, philanthropy, and social success. In order to attain this, we participate in many activities and events that guide us to become well-rounded collegiate women. We are involved in many other organizations on campus, participate in intramural sports, hold study groups and offer tutoring, hold sisterhood events and retreats, participate in and host community service events, and much, much more. There is something for everyone in Kappa Delta and we invite you to get to know us more! We are extremely proud of our sisterhood and all of our accomplishments. Here are a few of our proudest moments:

MERIT CHAPTER – The Merit Chapter Award is presented to Kappa Delta chapters that fall into the top 10% of all chapters across the country. We were 1 of 15  out of 160 Kappa Delta chapters to receive this award. It is highly prestigious and we are so proud call ourselves a Merit Chapter.

SORORITY OF THE YEAR- We are so unbelievable excited to be the 2015 Chapter of the Year at Tennessee Tech.  Throughout the school year each sorority and fraternity is evaluated based on grades, philanthropic work, involvement, and much more. At the annual Greek Awards Banquet whichever chapter has done the best in all of these categories is announced as Sorority and Fraternity of the year.  This is a huge accomplishment that we work for all year and we are honored and thankful for all of our sisters' hard work.

FIVE STAR CHAPTER- This award is given each year at the Tennessee Tech University Greek Awards Banquet to each chapter on campus that meets the requirements necessary to be a five star chapter. This includes requirements based on Scholarship, Community Service, Membership Development, Chapter Management, Campus Involvement, and Risk Management.

JUDY HARE THORNE ANGELOS AWARD – This award is presented to only ONE Kappa Delta chapter in the nation that provided the best submissions to our national magazine, The Angelos. We were extremely honored to receive this award at our National Convention and strive to continue to submit the highest quality information about our chapter to our national headquarters.